Meet Kontact

Since ancient times, copper has been embraced by various cultures for its healing qualities.

In China, it went by the name “qi” and stood as a symbol for health. The Egyptians called it “ankh,” the symbol of eternal life.

No matter what they called it, each of these and other civilizations knew that copper possessed distinctive properties vital to health and well being.

According to ancient texts, the Egyptians used copper to clean wounds as early as 2400 B.C. In India, the malleable element has been used to fashion drinking vessels for millennia.

The use of copper to combat pathogens and microorganisms is nothing new, but today modern science has documented and confirmed these vital properties.

When bacteria land on copper and copper alloy surfaces, they are immediately attacked by thousands of microscopic ions, rendering them harmless to human life. This process is known as “contact killing.”

Yet, in our daily lives, we are surrounded by stainless steel, plastic, and other surfaces upon which these same organisms can live for days or even weeks.

Once a common site in architectural design and decorative fixtures, copper, brass and other copper alloys have given way to sleeker-looking, shimmery substrates like aluminum and stainless steel. Today the world is coming wiser. As we are learning to adapt to a new way of life, we are also re-learning what we already knew. We are returning to the gift that nature has given us — the gift of copper.

Meet Kontact — The Germ-Free Touch Tool.